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in your space
Whether it's an original abstract, photo art, figurative or an original portrait, this section provides a snapshot of artwork by mi in a space.  Check out the possibilities and visualize my artwork in your space.
abstract, photo art, figurative or an original portrait in your space

Limited-edition prints are available for purchase; click shop to see all prints currently available.  

If you see other artwork, not currently available to order, follow this link and scroll down to limited-edition prints available special order  for specifics on requesting that special order print.
 bowl of unrelated items modified II by mi in your space
7 2017 in your space with framed abstract by mhc
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please review and adhere to copyright information
*figurative artwork gallery disclaimer  Artwork in this section include studies of the human body created from either live models or freehand. Parental guidance is advised in this section. For those under 18 or age of maturity some artwork may not be appropriate. If your parent's wouldn't approve, please respect their wishes.