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about mi
My name is Michelle (aka/dba original artwork by mi, artwork by mi, mi)and I am a self-representing freelance visual artist.  I believe an artist exist in everyone. Art is an expression of life be it through words on paper, images on canvas, or an image captured through the lens of a camera.  I focus on creating original artworks including, but not limited to portraits, abstracts, figurative, photo art and more.

Art will always be my number one interest; and, my desire to share my talent has never ceased.  I now have time to commit.  My inspiration comes from a range of things ... poetry, dreams, music, photos, thoughts, sounds and more.  The most inspirational and encouraging piece I've ever received a response on was the ballerina and the reaction provides me with inspiration to continue.  We may never know the positive impact our actions can have on another person.

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what i offer
I focus on creating original artworks including, but not limited to portraits, abstracts, figurative, photo art and more.

portraits are available in oil, acrylic, pastel and charcoal; and, can be ordered in the size and formats currently available. Additional sizes and formats, e.g., gallery wrap, are available through special order.  Send mi your best selfie/photograph and I'll turn it into a work of art. Check out the limited time portrait currently being offered for black & white charcoal/pastel portraits.

abstracts are created using oil, acrylic, pastels and other materials. are a creation of either your own ideas and/or subject matter or the artist. Abstract creations can consist of any shapes, colors, figures or designs desired. Media options include oil, acrylic, pastels and other materials.

figurative artwork provides an opportunity to respectfully capture the human body; artwork in this section include studies of the human body created from either live models or freehand.

photos provide a source of inspiration. I use my photography to capture images that inspire me to create new original pieces using pastels, oils, acrylics or even digital modification applications.  In the process, I've managed to capture a few favorites; photos that inspire my creativity e.g., city/landscapes, nature inspired and more.
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