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Welcome and thank you for visiting. My name is michelle and I am a freelance self-representing visual artist.  I focus on creating original artworks including, but not limited to portraits, abstracts, figurative, photo art and more.  I believe an artist exist in everyone.  Art is an expression of life be it through words on paper, images on canvas, or an image captured through the lens of a camera.  Please review and adhere to copyright information.  Click here for specifics on requesting limited-edition prints available special order 
black & white
currently being offered for  charcoal/pastel
portraits starting at $25.00
Limited edition prints currently available
Limited edition prints currently available
Limited edition prints currently available
Please review and adhere to copyright information

Select limited-edition prints are available for purchase can be viewed through shop .  This section allows you to place a special order for prints not currently available for purchase.  The overall process will allow you to submit your special order with ease.  As with prints currently available, the standard print size is 16"x20"; however,through your special order you will be able to request a different size (subject to the artwork) and/or finish (e.g., canvas print, canvas wrap, poster, etc.).  Be creative.

Your prints will be of the artwork only; no writing, which serves as a 'watermark' to protect the artists' work, will be displayed.  Once you have selected the artwork for your special order, the items may be made available for others to purchase under limited-edition prints as well.  So, in addition to receiving your special ordered print(s), you will receive the first limited edition print from the new run of no more than 50.  You will also receive a letter of authenticity (LOA) which ensures the prints you receive are authentic.

To proceed with your special order, simply select image(s) of artwork d