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portraits by mi
portraits are available in oil, acrylic, pastel and charcoal; and, you will be able to select preferences for your portrait(s), send your best selfie/photograph(s) and I'll turn it into a work of art.     

Also check out the limited time portrait special currently being offered for black & white charcoal/pastel portraits starting at $25.00.  Please see sample portraits below.

For specifics on requesting original portraits go to commission mi.
featured portrait
Lemomi (vintage oil portrait by mi)
portrait by michelle
oil on canvas (original and modified versions) all rights reserved
vintage collection

charcoal pastel portraits
'something new' by mi
something new by mhc freehand portrait sketch

'thank you' portrait of Naomi Wadler
March For Our Lives speaker
pastel on board by michelle
(full image)
original and modified view white mat with black frame 2 by mhc
portrait sketch of frida by mi
beginning sketches of frida by mhc

limited time portrait special
As noted above, for a short time I'm offering black & white charcoal pastel portrait on 18" x 24" paper (unframed) $25.00 (per person/maximum 3).  For specifics on requesting this black & white charcoal pastel portrait special, go to commission mi and scroll down to limited time portrait special.

sample original portraits including oil, acrylic and more charcoal/pastel
commission mi with mix sample of portraits
note: some of the original drawings have been cropped and/or digitally modified by the artist to provide a visual snapshot.

go to commission mi to see rates and specifics for requesting original portraits

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Please review and adhere to copyright information.
figurative artwork gallery disclaimer Artwork in this section include studies of the human body created from either live models or freehand.  Parental guidance is advised in thissection. For those under 18  or age of maturity some artwork may not be appropriate. If your parent's wouldn't approve, please respect their wishes.